Bangladesh Apparel Youth Leaders Association (BAYLA)A new association born out of the youth’s motivation and determination. It is a nonpolitical association solely comprising of youth leaders who come together to solve challenges of the industry with innovative approaches. This body promises to research new innovation for the industry, bring in youth leaders together and discover new prospects for training, capacity building, and market expansion. BAYLA started with over 30 members and growing. Leaders in the apparel industry under the age of 50 are eligible to be a part of the association. At BAYLA, the youth leaders believe that the apparel industry of Bangladesh has many more opportunities ahead and together a bigger goal can be achieved.

Message From President

To face the challenges and grab the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution young leaders of the industry came to mutual consent on jointly increasing their effort and thus forming a youth-based association called BAYLA (Bangladesh Apparel Youth Leaders Association). This association will work closely with leading associations of the industry like BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA and BGAPMEA.

This unique proposal of this body is to research innovation, bring youth leaders together, finding new opportunities for training, capacity building, and market expansion.The team is expected to be contributing significantly to the apparel industry of Bangladesh. This is solely a non-political association born out of the motivation and determination of youth. Any leader running an organization related to apparel manufacturing and is aged below 50 can be a part of the association. Along with the mentioned area of focus, BAYLA will also work for branding the industry by promoting its innovation and sustainability.

Going forward, the industry demands a more synergistic approach in business. It is time for reshaping and rethinking the future. When we talk about strategic moves to reshape the future, young minds are undoubtedly the right asset. We believe that together we can be strong and proactive.

Collectively youths of the industry will look for new ways of cross trade and technologies to establish a robust technology centered business model which will be able to combat urgent global challenges.

We believe, the required changes can be planned, formulated, and implemented by the combination of experience and enthusiasm. We need our senior leaders who can guide us with their experience and a rising group of young leaders who are enthusiastic about the new changes, challenges, and opportunities to work together towards a singular goal.

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